Solution overview

To succeed in today’s marketplace organizations need to harness new strategies for growth, from finding ways to improve service to incorporating the latest technology. As a result, many organisations are smart-sourcing their communications as they strive for greater transparency, tighter cost control and clear and centralized management.

It’s not always easy. You need the right technology to drive growth and align business processes. But managing migration paths, multiple locations and service levels, especially in a multi-vendor environment, presents many challenges. Managed services can play a vital role in helping you achieve a lower cost of ownership and predictable monthly costs. It can also help take the pressure off managing difficult transitions and accessing the skilled resources required in a complex communications world.

Nashua Communications Managed Services is a portfolio of consultancy, integration and managed communication services based on ITIL® standards and best practices.

We are able to offer a comprehensive suite of communication solutions specifically tailored for companies and organisations with a high dependency upon communications, but for whom, communications provision and management may not be considered part of their core business function.

One size does not necessarily fit all which is why we take a modular approach. This enables the solution to be perfectly matched to each individual customer’s strategic, operational services and budget requirements.

We have taken cognisance of your needs and have concluded that the management and control of the Customers voice communication infrastructure required is a key element in the provision of corrective services and therefore must be able to provide accurate call records, associated billing and achieve savings.

Key Components at a high level

  • Road Map
  • Innovation creates both opportunities and challenges. These challenges include setting out an innovation roadmap appropriate to your business, identifying the solutions that will enable you to meet your commercial objectives and supporting users throughout the implementation process and beyond.

    Nashua Professional Services address these issues by providing strategic guidance and consultancy during the planning process, finding, tailoring (and custom designing) the most appropriate technology and working with your employees to maximise the benefits, thus ensuring total acceptance of new systems.

  • Service Desk
  • The Call Desk is your Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for accepting all service requests including changes, inquiries and incidents. Service requests can be initiated by telephone, fax, email or web for authorisation.

  • Maintenance Services
  • Includes the diagnosis and resolution of incidents or problems with contracted equipment and applications.

  • On-Site service
  • On-site Service covers our Maintenance Service where a technician will be dispatched to isolate the problem, repair and install any replacement parts that may be needed.

  • Remote service
  • Remote service includes the diagnosis and remote repair of an incident. Upon receipt of an incident via the call desk diagnosis and remote correction action are undertaken where possible in consultation with the customer.

  • A Service Level Manager
  • Monitors and reports on the provision of services in line with the agreed service levels. A service level manager will provide you with reports on service level performance supervise technical escalation procedures and employ improvement programs to correct failures.

  • Account & Billing Services
  • A suite of flexible accounting and billing services that captures, records and reports IT services. Your costs can then be allocated to divisions, departments or even individual employees to help maximize your efficiency and transparency.

Financial options

Managed Services from Nashua offer customers great asset flexibility – for both provisioning and deployment. We offer customers the ability to realise assets as an ‘operational expense’ – often combined into price per user agreements – avoiding the need to fund large capital expenditure and carry the asset on your balance sheet. Under certain circumstances, Nashua will also offer a ‘buy-back’ price for existing communication assets that are being replaced – realising new revenue for your business.

  • Transparency & Predictability
  • Nashua offer a range of services geared towards providing your enterprise with a full picture of the quality and cost of your service delivery. These services range from stand-alone assessments of your service provider network to capture SLA and cost information, through to providing Managed Services to your organisation on a price per user basis – a single price offering complete transparency on services rendered and predictability for on-going service cost.

  • Asset Buy Back
  • Nashua can offer the option for Asset Buy Back, allowing our customers the ability to “Day one” migration to a new service or over the contract period. This allows our customers to take advantage of new technologies that may become a Capital issue due to the current market issues.

  • Opex/Capex
  • Nashua can also offer the option of either OPEX or CAPEX models for your Managed Service needs.

  • Price per Port
  • Nashua also has the capability to offer “Price per port” Managed Services offering on voice networks.

Are you interested in our managed services

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