Nashua Communications Services

Give your business the competitive edge that it needs with Nashua Communications comprehensive catalogue of managed, professional, training and user adoption services

Our portfolio of services can help you drive value into your business allowing you the time and freedom to focus on maintaining and driving excellence in the way you use and manage your collaborations solutions. We aim to help your organisation mitigate risks, lower costs and improve overall transparency and predictability. We want to ultimately help you boost and improve your business agility, efficiency and overall effectiveness through the correct management and utilisation of your collaborations solutions.

Service Delivery Excellence:

At Nashua Communications we aim to deliver service excellence through our talented and highly skilled staff, cutting edge collaboration technologies and tools as well as our streamlined and efficient processes, which all adhere to recognised industry best practices.

By partnering with Nashua Communications, you gain access to the following service offerings:

  • Managed services

    Our Managed Services portfolio consists of consultancy, integration and managed communication services that are based on ITIL® standards and best practices.We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions that are designed using a modular approach which can be tailor made to meet your businesses specific, strategic and operational needs. These solutions are specifically tailored for organisations like yours that may have a high dependency on communications, but for whom, communications provision and management may not be considered as part of their core business function.

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  • Professional services

    Our professional service offerings can help you in identifying the solutions that will enable your business to meet its commercial objectives while supporting users throughout the entire implementation process.

    We can help you do this by providing strategic guidance and consultancy during all stages in your planning process which includes finding, tailoring and custom designing the most appropriate technology and collaborations solutions to meet your specific business needs. By working hand in hand with your employees we aim to maximize the benefits that they receive while boosting their overall productivity, thus ensuring the total acceptance and adoption of new collaboration systems and technologies.

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  • Training

    We offer comprehensive end-user and product training programmes that provide your staff with the necessary skills required to achieve the best results with our solutions.

    Through our training offering you gain access to our skilled team of Product Managers and Technical Resources that allow you to obtain in-depth training on small, medium and large enterprise systems solutions.

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  • User adoption

    Our User Adoption Service is designed to help you to ensure the seamless adoption of new and novel communication technologies in a cost-effective and timely manner. Giving you staff the necessary skills that they need to fully utilise the various tools at their disposal.

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Benefits of our service packages

Below are some of the benefits that you can expect when implementing one of our highly customisable service offerings:

  • Reduce the risk and the potential business costs of downtime of your critical business applications.
  • Dramatically reduce the time spent by your valuable staff maintaining and coordinating multiple suppliers and technologies.
  • Simplify the coordination of maintenance contracts.
  • Significantly reduce the cost of and the time spent on training and certification for the maintenance of your communication infrastructure.